//Ex-Trump comms director Alyssa Farah shares ‘BIG revelation’ about Cassidy Hutchinson with stunned CNN panel

Ex-Trump comms director Alyssa Farah shares ‘BIG revelation’ about Cassidy Hutchinson with stunned CNN panel

In case you missed it — and you probably did, because it was on CNN and who actually watches CNN voluntarily? — former Trump White House communications director and frequent “View” guest cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin had a “BIG revelation” to share regarding January 6 committee hearing star witness Cassidy Hutchinson.

Brace yourselves:

“A couple months ago, I put her in touch with Congresswoman Cheney,” Farah said. “She got a new lawyer and that’s how this testimony came about.”

John Berman asked Farah to elaborate, and she replied that Hutchinson was one of several former White House staffers who at first had a lawyer assigned to her from “Trump World.” Farah added that Hutchinson’s original legal representative was “someone who had been in the White House counsel’s office,” and “still aligned with Trump World” when she gave her first interviews to the committee.

“She did her interview, she complied with the committee, but she shared with me ‘There is more I want to share that was not asked in those settings. How do we do this?’” Farah said. “In that process, she got a new attorney of her own. Congresswoman Cheney had a sense of what questions needed to be asked that weren’t previously. So that’s how this shocking testimony that people didn’t realize before kind of came about, and it didn’t come up in her earlier interview, some of those facts.”


WOW. BIG revelation from @Alyssafarah this morning on @newday: when Cassidy Hutchinson first privately testified, she was represented by a lawyer *paid forby folks in Trump world. Then, she decided she wanted to share way more, so she changed lawyers and testified publicly. pic.twitter.com/hbShTmpsxW

— Nora Neus (@noraneus) June 30, 2022

“She did her interview, complied with the committee but shared with me, ‘There is more I want to share that was not asked in those settings, how do we do this?’ And in that process she got a new attorney of her own.” @Alyssafarah

— Nora Neus (@noraneus) June 30, 2022

OK, that’s all very interesting, but … we’re not exactly sure why that’s relevant to the ongoing discussion about Cassidy Hutchinson’s actual sworn testimony, given that the discussion right now is that it may not be worth all the hype after all.

This hardly changes the fact she gave fractured testimony. https://t.co/asCAy8sDHh

— Brad Slager 🍸🥃🍺🎙 Lifetime Subscriber to CNN (@MartiniShark) June 30, 2022

No matter who her lawyer is, if her testimony is riddled with holes, it reflects badly on both Cassidy Hutchinson and on the January 6 committee.

OK, to be fair to Trump world, that is not unusual for political staffers. It’s not like Trump is the only president whose inner circle had lawyers paid for and provided to them.

That said, good on Hutchinson for putting country over cult. https://t.co/I2TcjcH0Pd

— Bradley P. Moss (@BradMossEsq) June 30, 2022

“Country over cult.” OK, Brad. But thanks for at least being willing to concede that Farah’s bombshell sounds like more of a bust.

Maybe this isn’t the “gotcha!” CNN is so badly hoping for it to be.

Lol, “more information.” https://t.co/27bdXJdeyn

— Stephen Smoot (@S_A_Smoot) June 30, 2022


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